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As published in the Reading Eagle Times, April 28, 2000

Dear Sir:

We have had four months of the Joe (I want to be a gas station manager) Eppiheimer and the Kevin (Damn the media) Cramsey administration and enough is enough. We now have a mayor who has not a clue and a police chief who has not a clue and appointment after appointment by the mayor of people whose qualifications defy the scope and purpose of the City Charter.

Whenever the mayor makes a controversial or important decision, he hides behind his press release and does not publicly defend his position. We have a mayor who says that his appointment of the City Manager is "just like him, but a lot more educated." That statement tells us that our mayor has a very low opinion of himself. Our city has certainly already taken giant steps backward. With his recent firing of key positions in City Hall, the city is in big trouble.

Joe will never win the "Humanitarian of the Year" award with his, "you have 'til 4 o'clock to gather your belongings and get out of here" attitude. As my brother said, where else but in the City of Reading can you be on the job only four months and get a week's vacation.

I strongly suggest that Joe is in way over his head and should resign. It is much better to resign than to suffer the embarrassment of recall.

Thomas G. Impink