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As published in the Reading Eagle, September 13, 1999


Eppihimer still out in left field


It was my impression when the city adopted the strong-mayor form of government that the citizens of our city would be a lot better off. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case.

We have a mayoral candidate wielding all kinds of power prior to being elected. He is driving the departmental directors out of our city. How unfortunate. My apologies and gratitude to all of them for the outstanding job they have tried to do for us.

I realize that all members and candidates for City Council and mayor have the best interests of the city at heart; but when you look at the last primary election and compare the excellent qualifications of the candidates for county commissioner to the lack of qualifications of the candidates for City Council and mayor; it is a sad situation. It is a shame that those persons who are qualified have chosen not to run.

When I was a young boy playing baseball at Hillside Playground, Joe Eppihimer played way out in left field. Fifty years later, Joe is still way out in left field. He is bringing much harm to out city and his ego will not let him realize it.

Thomas G. Impink