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You might be from Pennsylvania if...

  1. You have an uncontrollable urge to buy milk and toilet paper when you hear the word "snow."
  2. You say the correct pronunciation LANG-kest-er instead of the mispronounced LAN-CAST-er. (Lancaster, Pa)
  3. You know the only way to make good fastnachts is to cook them in LARD.
  4. You have ever ended your sentence using the preposition 'with', as in "Do you want to go with"
  5. You live within two miles of a plant that makes potato chips, corn chips, pretzels, candy, or ice cream, or that packages turkeys, beans, or bologna.
  6. You ask the waitress for "dippy eggs" for breakfast.
  7. You do things 'once,' as in "I'll go check in the back room once."
  8. You can stop along the road to buy fruits, vegetables, or crafts on the "honor system."
  9. You know what REAL pot pie is.
  10. You say, "It's all" when something is empty
  11. YOUR turkey has "filling," not "stuffing" and, most certainly, NOT "dressing."
  12. You know that chicken corn soup from a fire house is the most nearly perfect food on earth.
  13. Your neighbors' names are Driebelbis, Stoltfus, Lebo, or anything ending in "- baugh or -ouch"
  14. You say things like ... "outen the lights," "I'm calling off today," and "they're calling for snow."
  15. You've heard of distelfinks and hex signs.
  16. Red Beet Eggs makes your list of top ten favorite foods.
  17. You start your greeting "hello" with "why" and end it with "uh".

If these are part of your life, you are a true "Pennsylvanian."