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My letter to Angelfire

Recently, Angelfire, our previous web host, had changed their terms of service to require advertising on their site. The choices they offered were imcompatible with Impink.Net's design and philosophy. Here's the letter we sent to them. We're waiting for their response.


Dear Angelfire:

I've temporarily moved my homepage to a different provider since you've started requiring ads on your pages. I don't mind including a link to the web provider on my site, as I am grateful for the web space. I understand your position as described in your message outlining the change in terms. However, I do not wish to bombard my visitors with advertising when they pull up my site.

I have not cancelled my account as of yet. I'm still willing to listen to you.

I strongly urge you to reconsider forcing advertising down subscribers' throats. I've been an Angelfire subscriber for some time now, and have even recommended your service to others. I would hope for this to continue.

Placement of advertising should be a design choice, made by me, not you. I've decided to use frames on my web site to ease navigation. This was one of my design choices. Therefore, banner ads that are automatically inserted destroy the presentation of the site. The pop-up ad windows simply are unacceptable. The in-your-face nature of these windows detract from the browsing experience. They remove value, not add it.

If you can come up with better alternatives to forced banners and annoying popups, then I'll reconsider using your service. There are many alternatives to Angelfire out there. I would encourage you to take the necessary steps to distinquish yourself from the others, and give more choices to your subscribers.

Thank you for the reliable service and friendly interface over the years. My experience with you has been great until now.

Looking forward to your reply,
Alan Impink