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As published in the Pottstown Mercury, September, 1999


Twp Line Rd Accident Demonstrates Need for Improvement


Township Line Road (bordering Perkiomen Township and Limerick Township) has long been known to local residents as a high-accident area. However, the 45 MPH speed limit remains mostly ignored by motorists travelling between Whartman Rd and Seitz Rd. We residents have noticed that police speed traps are rare, and traffic accidents are on the rise. Only after a tragic loss of life on August 28 have the police returned to monitor the speed of traffic. There are currently 5 housing developments under construction on this dangerous stretch of road, which includes construction equipment dropping dirt, mud and debris on to the roadway. Upon completion, there will be more than new 400 homes and families adding traffic to this already overburdened thoroughfare. The situation is getting worse, and the fear among residents who live along Township Line Rd is growing. We simple don't feel safe driving or walking through our neighborhoods.

It's now time to have the speed limit enforced, Township Line Road widened, and traffic lights installed at the busiest intersections. Limerick Twp and Perkiomen Twp already collect comparatively high tax rates from it's residents. I believe that securing the safety of families is worth digging a bit deeper to pay for any improvements. It's about time for the appropriate authorities to step forward and put an end to the death and destruction on Township Line Road. If motorists slow down and exercise more care, if the police consistently enforce the speed limit, if the townships work together to improve the road, then we can finally breath a collective sigh of relief and feel safe in our neighborhoods.

Alan M. Impink